Z Boutique encourages body positivity through stylish clothing

Z Boutique orders limited quantities of items, so products are constantly changing.
Interior of Z Boutique
Photo by Timothy Hughes

Zoe Schuler and her mom, Marvel, opened Z Boutique to give plus-size women an opportunity to find cute and professional clothing. Both women have backgrounds in retail, and Schuler remembers visiting her mom at boutiques and only being able to look at accessories because the clothes weren’t her size.

“I just felt like there should be a boutique that caters to plus-size women so they can get that shopping experience too,” Schuler says. “We wanted to give this experience to women that don’t normally get it.”

Schuler says the majority of women a size 14 or higher, but the clothing industry doesn’t cater to that group of women. Z Boutique carries sizes 1X-3X and women’s sizes 14 to 24.

“They want to look good, they want to be taken seriously in their work roles or personal lives and that kind of starts with dressing well,” Schuler says. “I just think it’s crazy that the majority of women the fashion industry just wants to completely ignore.”

At Z Boutique, Schuler orders small quantities of each style of clothing so the inventory is constantly changing.

While Schuler prefers the brick-and-mortar experience, throughout the pandemic, she has been going live on Facebook at least twice a week to bring her store’s shopping experience to her customers’ homes. Not only can her customers get to know her, they can see what’s available at the store and snag some deals.

“Our goal is to just give plus-size women — which is a group that’s often ignored or maybe felt not valuable or not beautiful — the boutique shopping experience so they can come to a place where they feel welcome,” Schuler says. “[We] try to keep it a light and happy place where they can feel good about themselves.”

Wash your hands with a bar of vegan, handcrafted soap from Buck Naked Soap Co. $8.50


Photo by Timothy Hughes

Each Infinite Warrior bracelet made in Wauwatosa aims to promote positive energy through natural stones. $29.99-$42.99

stack of Bracelets

Photo by Timothy Hughes

Z Boutique has plenty of cute tunics from companies including Just Jill, Chalet, Oh My Gauze! and Caribe. Prices vary

Tunic shirt

Photo by Timothy Hughes

Find your favorite shade of Noyah lip gloss, a brand creating cruelty-free, natural makeup products in eco-friendly packaging. $16

Lip Gloss

Photo by Timothy Hughes

Complement any outfit with a washable face mask from Echo. $12-$13

two face masks

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Madison’s Mystic Adornment creates one-of-a-kind jewelry using vintage materials and gemstones like this Buddha patina piece. $38

Necklace with buddha

Photo by Timothy Hughes

When it comes to working from home, you’ll want to put on a pair of buttery soft leggings. Schuler says the inventory of leggings frequently changes, but they’re reordered frequently. Prices vary

pair of leggings

Photo by Timothy Hughes