Yes, people are trying to sell Culver’s CurderBurgers online for profit

Culvers Curderburger Marketplace
Courtesy: Facebook Marketplace

MADISON, Wis. — It turns out there is a secondary market for everything, including Culver’s CurderBurgers.

With Culver’s one-day-only concoction largely selling out at every location within 30 to 90 minutes of doors opening Friday morning, a handful of people apparently saw a potential business opportunity.

People have long tried to re-sell hard-to-get items on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, whether it’s gaming systems like the PlayStation 5 or the hottest holiday toys for kids. But as news about CurderBurgers selling out started to get out, so did the postings offering to sell the rare (or medium-well) burger at a markup.

One posting out of Appleton put a $100 price tag on the CurdBurger — and labeled the condition as “Used” but “Like New.”

If that’s too rich for you, there’s another posting offering it for $25 — and they’re willing to ship it to you for a reasonable $3.75. The downside: Facebook estimates its arrival sometime between October 21 and October 25. Unfortunately, there are also no returns for the item.

Culvers For Sale 2

Courtesy: Facebook Marketplace

If you feel like you can’t put a price on history, one posting out of Madison is offering a CurderBurger up for the price of $200. It is, as the posting says, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And the price is only so high because of “supply and demand.”

Culvers For Sale 3

Courtesy: Facebook Marketplace

Culver’s was selling the CurderBurger for $5.79.