World reacts to Brunei’s new stoning law

A law goes into effect Wednesday in Brunei that will punish adultery and homosexual sex with death.

Anyone found guilty of the offenses will be stoned to death, according to a new penal code based on Sharia law, an Islamic legal system that outlines strict corporal punishments.

The strict new laws were announced by the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, in 2014 and have been rolled out gradually in the small nation on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. The latest phase of implementation, including the brutal new provisions, was quietly announced on the Brunei attorney general’s website in December.

The Sultan “does not expect other people to accept and agree with it, but that it would suffice if they just respect the nation in the same way that it also respects them,” according to the government website.

The country has no plans to halt the law amid international pressure, according to a["ad-manager-551125"]= {"custom_css":[],"ad_details":[{"min_width":"","max_width":"","dfp_ad_sizes":[{"dfp_ad_width":"300","dfp_ad_height":"250"}]}],"ad_id":551125,"ad_container":"div-ad-manager-551125","ad_placement":"in-article","ad_name":"ad-manager-551125","position":"in_article","article_position":2,"out_of_page_ad":null,"lazyload":"global"};

Le Meurice, Paris

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Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris

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