Work begins on rebuilding County Highway PD in Fitchburg

Traffic reduced to one lane between Seminole and Fish Hatchery
Work begins on rebuilding County Highway PD in Fitchburg

Chef Dave Heide  loves to imparts his love and knowledge of food to his cooking class at Liliana’s in Fitchburg. However, he’s also hoping to spread the word that the restaurant will still be open despite the work that will take place right outside his windows.

“We are on the major area of PD, that’s one of the reasons why we picked this building. So, it’s definitely going to hurt. We get a lot of visibility from the road,” said Heide.

But the restaurant may be less visible to drivers starting Monday, as the road will be under construction from South Seminole Highway to Fish Hatchery Road.

“I think the only fear is just people thinking;  “Oh, well we will go there in a couple months when the construction is over,” and that can really hurt a business,” he said.

 Fitchburg Mayor Shawn Pfaff said the PD construction project is necessary for the future of the city.

“The city of Fitchburg in the year 2020 will take this road over from the county, but in order to get the county to collaborate with us we had to do a little bit of work to make sure that this was a priority as well,” said Pfaff.

Pfaff said this past winter took its toll on the road and is now in need of major repair. Crews will begin reconstruction on the road one half at a time.

Reconstruction plans include removing  and replacing a six-inch layer of existing asphalt pavement. Crews will also be  adding a new drain system to insure better drainage under the road. Despite the inconvenience he hopes residents will stay supportive.

“The biggest thing I can stress is 1. Be patient 2. We know we are going to get through this  3. Make sure you visit the businesses along this corridor,” said Pfaff.

It’s that piece of advice that is the source for Heide’s optimism. He hopes customers will keep coming in his doors.

“I think the city knows how big of an impact it’s going to have on us and is going to do the best they can do to make sure everything is OK. So here’s hoping,” said Heide.