Woman uses Tinder to lure 100 men to same spot for stunt

No one said looking for a date is easy, as at least 100 men found out Sunday in Manhattan.

The New York Times reports that a woman identified as Natasha Aponte used the Tinder dating app to invite dozens of men to meet her in Union Square for what they believed would be a one-on-one date.

Once all the would-be beaus gathered, Aponte reportedly told them they had to compete to win a date with her, and she immediately disqualified some – those who were shorter than 5-feet-10 and those named Jimmy, a name she dislikes. The ones who had been dumped in a previous relationship were also sent home.

The remaining contestants were asked to perform pushups and footraces. It’s not yet clear how many men stayed long enough to attempt that, but one man did emerge the winner, according to the Times.

The stunt was reportedly recorded by Rob Bliss, known for a viral “catcalling” video released in 2014. Bliss said his latest video will be released Thursday.