Woman says her dog was killed at dog boarding facility

Michigan now officially a no-kill shelter state

A woman is warning other pet owners to be vigilant when it comes to boarding facilities after her dog was attacked and killed, WGCL reported.

Aprille Greis said she is devastated after dropping off her dog Lexi at The Pet Set.

“I specifically mentioned that she is a 6-pound Yorkie, that I didn’t want her around big dogs because she’s afraid of them,” Greis said.

Greis said she left Lexi on a Saturday morning for a temperament test, which is required before you can board.

Several hours later, she said she received a voicemail to call the facility.

“He told me that she had been attacked,” Greis said. “He never actually told me what happened, he just said ‘I’m sorry’.”

According to Greis, Lexi was attacked by a bigger dog.

She said she called animal control and now wants to warn others to do thorough research before boarding anywhere.

“I couldn’t believe that it’s a place where dogs stay all the time, and they can’t see the signs of when a dog is going to be aggressive,” Greis said.

The owner of Pet Set said they did nothing wrong.

Robert Fawcett said Lexi was with three other small dogs and an attendant.

He continued to say that the attendant was holding Lexi, but when she put her down, a petite English Bulldog attacked her.

According to Fawcett, the two had been together for hours.

He said Lexi was dead within seconds after the 18-pound English Bulldog, a longtime client, attacked.

Fawcett said the Bulldog had never been aggressive before but is now banned.

The facility is looking at creating an area for tiny dogs, like Lexi, and looking over all their procedures.