Woman accused of hitting 9-year-old on bike gets 60 days

Woman accused of hitting 9-year-old on bike gets 60 days
Amber Mayfield

A woman who pleaded guilty to hitting a 9-year-old boy on a bike was sentenced Wednesday to 60 days in jail.

Amber Mayfield, 24, of Beloit, was give two years of probation and was made eligible for a diversion program. She pleaded guilty to hit-and-run causing injury.

Mayfield was arrested in November after police searched for a driver who didn’t stop after striking a child on a bicycle.

Beloit police said a car driving through the intersection of Madison and McKinley streets stuck Anthony Hill as he rode his bike. The driver did not stop.

Officers said they made contact with Mayfield several times before she admitted to driving the car that hit the boy. They said she also took the hubcaps off her car and dyed her day.

Mayfield was arrested less than a week later.

“I saw my brother flying in the air and I was like, ‘Whoa what’s happening?’ and then I saw the car stop and reverse and then pull away,” said Devontaye Hill, the victim’s brother.

Police said several citizens stopped to check on the child and call 911. Hill was treated for minor injuries and released. However, Hill’s mother, Tyra Stuckey, said the most damage comes knowing someone abandoned her injured son.

“I probably wouldn’t be so mad about it if they did stop. Because that would have showed they actually cared,” Stuckey said.

Mayfield read an apology to the judge Wednesday.

She has a son of her own and said she would never want someone to do what she did.