WisDOT still offering voter IDs ahead of Tuesday primary

MADISON, Wis. — If you want to vote in Tuesday’s primary election, you’ll need a form of identification. Luckily, you can still get one.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is offering prospective voters a chance to get an ID before heading to the polls Tuesday. Some documentation is required.

Those looking to get an ID should bring their birth certificate, proof of identity and proof of Wisconsin residency to their local DMV office Monday. Two forms will also need to be completed at the office. If you do not have all of your documents readily available, the ID Petition Process can be used to get a valid voting receipt until the documents are obtained.

You can find your closest DMV office by using the locator on the DMV’s website. Once you submit your documents and forms, a photo ID will be sent to you through overnight mail. If the ID does not arrive in time, you may be able to vote using a provisional ballot until you receive the ID.

The ID Petition Process and voter ID card services are both free.