Wisconsin’s Ingold puts “real world” job on hold

Green Bay eyes the NFL

Wisconsin’s Alec Ingold has earned the nickname “Mr. Touchdown.” The senior fullback has 20 career touchdowns in 112 touches- an average of one TD per 5.6.

The field of fullbacks in this years draft class isn’t very deep. While Ingold thinks that could be to his advantage, he knows he’ll have to prove himself worthy of an NFL roster spot.

“At the end of the day I have to be a good football player for someone to want me,” Ingold said after Monday’s bowl practice. “Whether that’s playing football at fullback, special teams, wherever I have to be, I’m gonna do it.”

Fullback is largely a specialty position, but players like Ingold’s former college teammate and current L.A. Charger Derek Watt have made a living out of being a blocking back.

“I think that gives me a good shot. But at the end of the day I gotta be a good football player. I gotta be a good teammate. I gotta be a good leader.”

Ingold graduated this weekend with a degree in personal finance, and he already has a job offer in the private sector. “Hopefully I don’t have to take them up on that job offer anytime soon,” the Green Bay native said with a grin. “It’s there for me. It’s a really cool job. Really excited to be a part of that, too.”