Wisconsinites take advantage of calm before the storm

Area residents enjoy warm weather at dog park, car wash
Wisconsinites take advantage of calm before the storm

Wednesday felt like the calm before the storm in Madison with the sun shining and temperatures hitting above zero, and Wisconsinites knew how to take advantage of the rare warm day.

It’s up for debate who enjoyed the weather more: Verona’s Jeannie Mccabe or her dalmatian, Duke, at the Verona dog park.

“You can finally get out — just the fresh air and sunshine. He doesn’t like to be outside when it’s that bitter cold, but he loves this. I think it got so cold so early, so I think this year has been exceptionally difficult. It is gorgeous. It’s sun tan weather!” Mccabe said.

Over at Badger Wash in Verona, the warmer temps always means a long line at the car wash, but Luke Huntley didn’t mind waiting.

“It’s a nice day. It’s been so cold. It’s nice to go outside and not wear a jacket. My car is full of salt and I want to get it cleaned up for one day. It will probably snow again tomorrow, but you have to take advantage of it,” Huntley said.

Or if you are Audrey Raemisch, it’s a chance to take a walk by Lake Monona after being indoors all day.

“We were joking on the way back from the conference saying, ‘It’s 40 degrees and people have their roof down on the convertibles, people are in shorts and T-shirts.’ It’s just a way of life here, so we have to cherish the times we have,” Raemisch said.

The weather forecast for Thursday is pretty messy but at least people got to enjoy Wednesday’s weather, and there is hope that one day it will be spring in Wisconsin.