Wisconsin woman on Ohio State campus during attack

Text alerts, tweets kept her parents in Deerfield updated
Wisconsin woman on Ohio State campus during attack

An Ohio State student originally from Wisconsin was just feet away inside her dorm during an attack on campus Monday morning.

Police say a student drove his car into a group of people, then got out and stabbed bystanders. The attack sent nine people to the hospital, including one person who was listed as in critical condition.

Sophomore Becca Albrecht was 1,000 feet away from that attack, safe inside her dorm at Ohio State. She says it happened right in front of a classroom she frequents this semester.

“Everybody just had no idea, there were so many rumors going around,” she said.

Albrecht said she originally heard it was an active shooter situation, so she sheltered in place inside her dorm and texted friends and family. She says text alerts, tweets and emails from the university helped keep both her and her parents – 500 miles away in Deerfield, Wis. – updated.

“They responded to the situation really quickly, which made us feel a lot better,” she said. “Ohio State as a community is stronger – everybody is so great here and loving and all so part of the family, we’re really grateful.”