Wisconsin woman heads to California to help with wildfire relief

MADISON, Wis. — A local woman is on her way to help bring wildfire relief those impacted in California.

Angela Oakley, who is a disaster responder for the American Red Cross, took off for California from the airport in Madison this morning.

She is on her 14th deployment just this year.

She says that going to help those who need it is a double-sided coin.

“It can be overwhelmingly positive, it can be just heartbreaking, but you always get to see human nature come together and rise and that’s something that is just invaluable,” Oakley said. “It drives us to continue doing what we do and bringing that aid, making it just a little bit easier.”

More than 250 volunteers from the American Red Cross, including 8 from Wisconsin, are helping with the efforts.

If you would like to volunteer for the Red Cross, they have applications on their website.