Wisconsin Task Force 1 deploys to Florida

Wisconsin Task Force 1 deploys to Florida

Wisconsin’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force is traveling to Florida to assist with recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma.

WI-TF1 was deployed Monday for 10 days to Jacksonville, according to a press release. The team is bringing specialized equipment and supplies for search and rescue, communications and medical support.

“The members of Wisconsin Task Force 1 are uniquely qualified to help the survivors of Hurricane Irma,” said Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin’s adjunct general and Homeland Security Advisor.

The state of Florida requested WI-TF1’s assistance, Maj. Gen. Dunbar said.

The team will be tasked with door-to-door searches for storm victims, rescues of individuals and families from flooding and delivery of medical aid to the injured.

WI-TF1 is an asset managed by Wisconsin Energy Management. The team comprises 35 members, with first responders from eight fire departments across the state. They also have two volunteer search dog handlers and staff from the Regional Emergency All-Climate Training Center based at Camp Douglas.