Wisconsin Red Cross increases response to Texas flood

PHOTOS: Flooding in Austin, Wimberley

A Dane County Red Cross volunteer is among four others joining 26 Wisconsin volunteers already in Texas helping respond to the growing flooding devastation.

With rain predicted for much of the next week, National Weather Service meteorologists say the flooding, also impacting Oklahoma and northern Mexico, could get worse

At least 33 people have been killed and 4,000 homes in Texas alone are either damaged or destroyed.

This constantly changing flood emergency means support will be needed since the flood is not just impacting Houston, but also large surrounding areas, including Dallas and Austin .

“There are more counties affected in Texas than Wisconsin has counties,” American Red Cross communication manager Barbara Behling said.

Dodgeville’s Brit Grimmer grew up about 30 minutes from Austin in Wimberley, Texas, said he’s devastated by the pictures friends have been sending him of his hometown.

“It’s very sad. It’s very sad,” Grimmer said. “To learn and know that places where you grew up and bonded with your friends are just gone.”

The worst story Grimmer said he has heard is of the 70 homes washed away and 12 people still missing, which includes a mom and two kids.

That’s why 31 Wisconsin volunteers are part of a team of 700 total Red Cross volunteers filling up emergency response vehicles with relief kits.

Grimmer is raising money for Wimberley with a GoFundMe page.