Wisconsin police officer takes on scammer in viral video

Wisconsin police officer takes on scammer in viral video

A viral video shows an Eau Claire police officer dealing with a scam call coming from someone who claims to work for the IRS.

The Eau Claire Police Department posted the video to its Facebook page on Tuesday, and as of Saturday morning, it’s been seen more than 5.4 million times.

The video, set to ominous music, shows Officer Kyle Roder using his interrogation skills to outsmart “IRS” official “Dave Maxwell.”

Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office Detective Don Henning said in the video that the department does not receive information about IRS warrants from that agency and that the phone calls are “truly a scam.”

Officer Roder received an urgent phone call from the IRS on his cell phone this morning. He was told he was going to be arrested if he did not call back right away! So… we called them back. Officer Roder used his interrogation skills to scam the scammer. See what happened! (He is a trained professional — do not try this at home.)

Posted by Eau Claire Police Department on Tuesday, March 21, 2017