Wisconsin makes legal arguments in redistricting appeal

Wisconsin makes legal arguments in redistricting appeal

Wisconsin’s Republican attorney general is telling the U.S. Supreme Court that a ruling striking down GOP-drawn legislative boundaries in the state as unconstitutional gerrymandering is “unprecedented.”

Attorney General Brad Schimel presented the state’s legal arguments in a court filing in the case Friday. Schimel had notified the court of his intent to appeal last month, but did not make any arguments then.

Schimel argues a November ruling by a three-judge panel is “unprecedented” and the Republican-drawn maps are in “full compliance with traditional redistricting principles.”

Judges ordered the Republican-controlled Legislature to draw new boundaries by November so they would be in place for the 2018 election.

An attorney challenging the maps, Ruth Greenwood, said she was confident the Supreme Court would uphold the ruling striking them down.