Wisconsin Bike Week: How to get involved

MADISON – It’s no secret that Madison is a bike-friendly community, and Wisconsin Bike Week is a great time to embrace that.

Organizers with the Wisconsin Bike Fed said over the years, they’ve worked to make the event even more inclusive.

“Wisconsin Bike Week actually used to be Wisconsin Bike to Work Week,” said Caressa Givens, the community programs manager for the Wisconsin Bike Fed. “Many years ago, we decided to change the name to include lots of different types of cyclists because we know not everybody can bike to work easily. So, we wanted to welcome more people into the celebration.”

One of the biggest messages organizers are sending is that getting out and biking for even just a few minutes can make a big impact on your health.

“One of the things that we stress in our education, not only for children but for adults, is that when you get started in the morning with a little physical activity, you actually start turning on your brain and getting ready to function during the day,” Givens said. “You’ll be surprised that with just a little exercise, whether it is running or biking or any type of physical exercise, how it gets you prepared to move into your day.”

Some of the events this week include morning and evening bike rides to begin or end your day, kid-friendly group bike rides, and organized bike rides to different locations such as breweries, parks, or movies. For more information on all things Wisconsin Bike Week and these events, click or tap here.