Wisconsin, 49 other states settle lawsuit against EpiPen manufacturer

Wisconsin has joined 49 states and the District of Columbia in settling allegations against Mylan Inc., the manufacturer of EpiPen, amid allegations that the company knowingly underpaid rebates to Medicaid, according to a release.

The settlement resolves allegations that Mylan underpaid rebates owed to the Medicaid program for the drugs EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. dispensed to Medicaid beneficiaries.

As part of the settlement, the state of Wisconsin will receive $3,435,755.91 in restitution and other recovery, officials said.

“Mylan just discovered taking advantage of taxpayers comes at a high price,” Attorney General Schimel said in the release. “All 50 states joining together in a multistate lawsuit is not common and shows the seriousness of the allegations against this company and their previous practices.”

As of Sept. 29, all 50 states and the District of Columbia joined the settlement, which means the states will share $213,936,000 of the total settlement of $465 million.

Mylan Inc. is a corporation in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. It manufactures, markets and sells pharmaceuticals through its wholly owned subsidiaries, according to the release. Mylan Specialty is a Delaware limited partnership with its principal place of business in Morgantown, West Virginia. Mylan Specialty owns the exclusive rights to sell EpiPen in the United States and possesses legal title to the national drug code for EpiPen.