Winning Every Step Of The Way

“Winning Every Step Of The Way” is a bi-weekly series with Casey Fitzrandolph and Suzy Favor Hamilton. The segment appears on Wednesdays on “News 3 This Morning.”

VIDEO: Watch “Winning Every Step Of The Way” Segments

The goal of this series is to keep viewers believing and achieving healthy goals in their lives.

Fitzrandolph attended Verona High School and as a speed skater, went on to compete in three Olympic games. He won a gold medal in the 500 meters in 2002 and holds the Olympic record for the fastest 500 meters in long track speed skating.

Favor Hamilton went to Stevens Point High School and won nine NCAA titles as a distance runner at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After college, she won seven U.S. championships and competed in three Olympics. She has run the second-fastest 1500 meters in U.S. history.

For more information or to schedule Casey and Suzy to speak to a team, visit Winning or call 608-220-7478.