Wineke: Now Trump is willing to kill Republicans

MADISON, Wis. — I guess you have to give President Donald Trump credit for consistency.

Among numerous other tweets this week, Trump is threatening to move the Republican National Convention away from North Carolina unless that state’s governor promises him within a week to allow 20,000 convention delegates to meet in a single hall.

To say the least, this kind of mass gathering has been discouraged by health officials who fear that it will be an breeding ground for outbreaks of COVID-19, possibly undoing whatever progress we’ve made toward stopping the spread of the virus.

Trump professes not to care. Either North Carolina relents or he will take his business elsewhere.

Or, to put it another way, the president is willing to see Republicans get sick and die as a fair price for the opportunity to stand before enthralled crowds and tell them how great he is.

In a week during which Trump suggested television commentator Joe Scarborough is guilty of the murder of a Congressional staff member 17 years ago, threatened to close down social media outlets that don’t meet his standards, ridiculed Joe Biden for wearing a mask in public (Trump’s own health officials say wearing a mast is essential to fighting the virus) and God knows what else, the North Carolina threat isn’t even the most shocking development. On Thursday he retweeted a slogan suggesting the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.

It shows such an incredible disregard for the health and safety of even his most devoted followers.

We have, somehow, managed to politicize a battle against the most deadly threat to mankind since the Spanish flu.

The media, mostly electronic, are filled with essays about why the economic shutdown was unnecessary and probably a socialist trick. The Secretary of State floats rumors that the virus was engineered in China (no health expert I have read agrees with that assessment), and the president is proud of not wearing a facial covering, despite the fact that he won’t let anyone within breathing distance of him who hasn’t been tested for the virus.

I have a feeling that, in August, the GOP convention will be held somewhere and President Trump will be in attendance. I suspect he will find a way to create an air bubble around him so that he doesn’t have to inhale the same air of those who love him most.