Windows into history return to St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church

Windows into history return to St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church

While work is being completed on the new St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church, a bridge to the past is being built.

The new 19,000 square foot church will be part of the church’s future, and the 12 stained glass windows being installed are a strong link to the past.

The stained glass windows were removed from the original St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church, which was 130 years old.

For more than a year, while the new church was being built, work was done to restore and preserve the windows. The work was done by Willet Hauser Architecture Glass in Winona, Minnesota.

“The windows here at St. Cecilia’s went through a very detailed process of historic restoration,” said Garrick Holey, with Willet Hauser Architecture Glass.

While working with the historic stained glass windows, the emphasis was on preserving the original artwork.

“It was tremendously important to maintain the artistic, the spiritual and, I dare say, the emotional heritage of the parish. On top of the fact, they are extremely valuable works of art. To replicate such things would be very expensive. To be rid of them would be foolish,” the Rev. Eric Sternberg said.

A dedication for new St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church is scheduled for Aug. 28 at 2:30 p.m.