Why you shouldn’t wait to get your car washed, even if it’s going to snow again

Why you shouldn’t wait to get your car washed, even if it’s going to snow again

You might have a hard time remembering the last time you got your car washed since we’ve been hit with storm after storm this winter. But with all of the salt on the roads that comes with those storms, it should be toward the top of your to-do list.

Experts with Smart Motors encourage you to get your car washed at least every other week, if not more during the winter months, even if the roads still aren’t completely clear.

This year’s winter is taking an especially hard toll on our vehicles. With the constant snowfall over the past month, more chemicals are being put down on the roads.

Last week, the city salted all streets, which is something they haven’t done in decades. When that salt is on the road, washing your car is a major factor in battling corrosion and maintaining the value. That’s something service centers and body shops know all too well.

“We are at a disadvantage living in the rust belt here versus people who are living down in the south,” said Ted Manning of West Town Monona Tire. “They don’t have that problem when taking things apart.”

“I think it’s critical in the state that we live in especially this year with the amount of salt being put down on the road because that salt just attacks that suspension and brake system components. If you can keep that system clean and keep the salt of it, it’s going to save you money in the long run on repairs.”

Auto experts say salt that remains on a vehicle surface and undercarriage for any length of time can damage your car’s clear finish, increase rust, and affect the mechanics of your vehicle. That can save you lots of money down the road.

“Anytime you have routine maintenance done you can stay ahead of any potential problems that are starting to arise,” said Manning. “You can lubricate certain parts of the vehicle so next time you have to service it things come apart easier to do the maintenance.”

In addition to washing the undercarriage, be sure to clean out any sort of crevices, door jams, and wheel wells. That will not only make it easier for mechanics to do their job, but it will also help your car hold its value over time.

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