Who is State Sen Marklein looking out for with Dane County water management proposal?

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   Just when you think you’ve seen it all with this State Legislature. Republican Senator Howard Marklein has proposed a new law in the state budget that would prohibit Dane County – and just Dane County – from having any input into its water quality management plan with the Department Natural Resources.

   There are a lot of problems with this proposal not the least of which is its effect on actual water quality in Dane County. But it also exacerbates land use planning conflicts and is completely discriminatory in singling out Dane County among the state’s 72 counties. But here’s the kicker: Sen Marklein is from Spring Green. He doesn’t even represent Dane County. And so his interest is…exactly what?

   Why is Sen. Marklein sticking his nose into Dane County’s water management affairs. Other than this is the guy Republicans wanted so badly to oust Dale Schultz who wasn’t conservative enough for them. Seems like someone is getting paid back.