Whitewater basketball is a family affair

Whitewater basketball is a family affair

Whitewater Men’s basketball is in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament.
They play University of Texas-Dallas Friday in Stevens Point.

The Warhawks are trying to get back to the Division III final four for the second time in three years.  This year, the Warhawks are turning things into a family affair

For most college basketball players their freshman year isn’t all that glamorous.

“We pick on them a little bit, have them get water bottles and bring the balls, things like that,” said Eric Bryson, a Whitewater senior.

“[They are the] scout team, getting the first team ready for the games,” said Pat Miller, head coach.

“A lot of learning and just a lot of information to process,” said Drew Bryson.

Being a little brother can be tough too. At Whitewater, freshman Drew Bryson is coming along and like always his older brother Eric is there to help.

“We shared a room growing up, so we’ve always been close,” said Eric.
“He picked on me a little bit and made me clean up after myself. Sometimes made me clean up after him,” said Drew.

Eric Bryson says his younger brother never beat him one on one but Drew says it’s gotten closer.

“I’m taller than him now, so even though he still beats me, it’s a lot closer, ” said Drew.

Eric is an all-conference selection and a national champion and now a senior at Whitewater. He’s making sure to teach Drew a thing or two while he still can.

“Big brother Eric is Drew’s biggest critic by far. He yells at him far more than I do,” said Miller.

“I think I taught him enough to have some discipline and to have good work ethic,” said Eric.

Now, after years of learning from big brother, little brother has high hopes for the postseason.

“I’d love to win a national championship as well. Winning with us both on the team would be a dream come true,” said Drew.

A dream that everyone–freshmen, seniors and even brothers can agree on.