White House task force data shows Wisconsinites largely ignoring requests to stay home


MADISON, Wis. — New data from the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force shows some new trends when it comes to how the virus is continuing to spread in Wisconsin.

The task force is still identifying Wisconsin in the “red zone” when it comes to new infections, with the 4th-highest rate in the country.

The task force says the state’s “mobility rate” — or how much people are moving around while living their daily lives — is part of the problem. Wisconsin’s rate is currently at pre-pandemic levels. The report from the Task Force says everyone in the state needs to do a better job of social distancing and not leaving home unless it’s necessary if the state is going to get the pandemic under control.


That’s because 9 in 10 counties are reporting moderate or high levels of community spread. Because of that, experts say people should avoid any kind of crowds if they can, even if they’re wearing a mask.

The task force is encouraging Wisconsin to take several measures to limit the spread and avoid super-spreader events, including having state and local jurisdictions increase gathering restrictions for both public and private spaces. Despite that recommendation from the White House’s task force, several of the statewide restrictions put into place by Gov. Tony Evers have been challenged in court and either struck down or put on hold. The most recent was a ruling by a judge in Sawyer County that put a temporary stop to Gov. Evers’ order limiting indoor capacities to 25%.

The White House task force says failure to increase preventative measures will allow the number of cases and deaths in Wisconsin to rise.

Around 30,000 Wisconsinites are currently actively contagious with the virus.