White House prospects mix at governor’s meeting

Walker wants more rigorous education standards

Health care, budgets and education top the official agenda for the National Governors Association annual summer meeting. But the 2016 presidential race hasn’t been far from view or conversation, given the clear interest in a possible White House run by some in the crowd.

And the presidential prospects in attendance have been a study in contrasts.

Among Republicans, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was everywhere as the proud host. He led a parade of Harley-Davidson motorcycles through downtown Milwaukee. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, on the other hand, was been barely seen. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal flew in with Gov. Terry Branstad, a veteran GOP leader in early-caucus Iowa.

Among Democrats, Maryland’s Martin O’Malley sought out reporters to discuss his nascent campaign, while Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper kept a lower profile.