While many struggle with unemployment, Exact Sciences looks to hire hundreds

MADISON, Wis. — While some businesses are having a tough time staying afloat during the pandemic, Exact Sciences in Madison is working to hire 700 new employees.

The company, best known for its colon cancer screening tool, Cologuard, has expanded its health and wellness mission to aid its community during the pandemic. Over the last several months, Exact Sciences has started processing COVID-19 tests on top of its cancer work. To help with that need, the company has had to make big changes to their workforce, including shipping about a third of its workforce to work from home.

Their goal to help the community, though, hasn’t changed.

“It’s shifting how you do your business, how you operate and changing what you do that you used to do in person, or how you serve customers in a way that can still meet people where they are and meet your business goals,” said Sarah Condella, Exact Sciences’ senior vice president of human resources.

Among the changes is a new interview process. Exact Sciences has shifted its entire program almost entirely online and has held nearly 3,000 interviews virtually – something the company has never done before.

“We’re looking for people who are mission driven and want to help,” Condella said. “I think what we’ve recently demonstrated isn’t just help in the realm of cancer. It’s when something like a pandemic hits. Our goal is to really help the communities we serve.”

Find more information on how to apply here.