Where to get your Fourth of July pie this year

Additions of whipped toppings and ice cream are encouraged, but not mandatory for these Madison-made pies.
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Pie has been around about as long as democracy, and while the United States definitely didn’t invent that either, both feel American through-and-through. There is no better time than Independence Day to dig into a flaky crust filled with fruit, so stock up on your pies from these local bakeries before (and long after) the Fourth of July.

Batch Bakehouse: This bake-from-scratch entity on Williamson Street flips out pies in traditional and mini sizes each day, so hop online and order your favorites early to ensure they don’t sell out. Cherry streusel screams summer, but key lime and blueberry streusel are also tremendously tasty options when it’s hot out. batchbakehouse.com

Madison Sourdough: Move over bread — it’s pie’s time to shine. The sourdough messiahs of Madison (also on Williamson Street) make mouth-watering pastries and desserts, including pie’s French cousin, the galette. Get your fix in the strawberry rhubarb or key lime variation. madisonsourdough.com

Hubbard Avenue Diner: 9- and 11-inch round pastries are the specialty of this Food Fight behemoth, and this Middleton diner has the flavor options to prove it. Strawberry rhubarb and raspberries and cream sound too refreshing to pass up, but the customary apple, cherry or coconut cream won’t let you down, either. hubbardavenuediner.com

The Looking Glass Bakery: Normally we would never suggest you opt for mini, but when there are 15 different kinds of pies to choose between, you just might have to go mini so you can try a ton. You can get classic desserts from this online-only shop, but intriguing combinations might tempt you away from the norm. Honey lemon, mixed berry and anise, peach rose rhubarb, brown sugar bourbon peach, cardamom pear and apple cheddar are all showstoppers, and we didn’t even dip into the tart selection. thelookingglassbakery.com

Norske Nook: The crusts at this Scandinavian spot are rolled by hand, so you’re sure to taste the love and care filling each of Norske’s pies. You can trek to Deforest to pick yours up IRL, or you can ship pies anywhere in the country right from your laptop. Treat your taste buds with the flavor-packed lingonberry apple, fresh peach, blueberry or cranberry apple. norskenook.com

The Rolling Pin Bake Shop: This Fitchburg fixture cranks out top-tier pies every day based on seasonal availability, with berry-packed flavors like the “fruits of the forest” option. Stocked to the brim with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, apples, rhubarb AND cherries, there’s no denying this pie has a stunning bites-to-your-buck ratio. Other pies include strawberry rhubarb, cherry, apple, dutch apple, banana cream, key lime, peach raspberry and blueberry. rollingpinbakeshop.com

Market Street Diner: This is the spot for pie in Sun Prairie. Home of Carl’s Cakes, Market Street Diner can fulfill even your loftiest baked good desires. Order a pie, or opt for other sweet treats like cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies or pastries. There are no rules when it comes to number of dessert options on July 4. shop.marketstreetdiner.com

Monty’s Blue Plate Diner: What’s a diner without a display case of pie? Every morning, the staff at Monty’s fire up the ovens to prepare the homemade pies for that day’s customers, so you always know your piece is freshly sliced. Dig into the classic fruit offerings at this Atwood Avenue mainstay, or take a leap with lemon cream cheese, banana cream, key lime or coconut cream. montysblueplatediner.com