Where to find facts on state economic growth

Where to find facts on state economic growth

Of all the issues on our editorial agenda for this year, this one — steering you in the right direction for facts in the upcoming elections — has gotten the least attention. But that is changing, which makes sense given that the fall campaigns are just starting to pick up steam.

A recent issue of Focus, the weekly newsletter from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, makes our point for us perfectly.

The June 24 topic is state economic growth and facts to assess candidate rhetoric. The article has well-documented information to help citizens access how the state economy is performing in the face of competing claims of dubious trustworthiness by the two parties.

It’s unbiased with broad context. It’s just the antidote we need to the economic spin doctor whose presence we will be unable to avoid over the coming months.

You can find the issue and all issues of Focus on the WTA website. We recommend it.