Where does all the snow go?

Where does all the snow go?

Winter finally caught up with us.

With more snow in the forecast, the monstrous snow piles we see all over Madison are only going to grow taller.

The City of Madison Streets Division sends out crews to pick up all the extra snow that got pushed to the sides of the roads by snowplows.

Many of those snow piles have created some visibility issues for drivers, especially when trying to turn corners.

The city responds to problem areas first, particularly streets where cars are parking on both sides of the street.

Snow piles are growing taller with all this snow we’re getting! Have a snow pile that’s creating visibility issues? You can report it to the city streets division and they will do their best to come clear the area!
You can report it by following this link: https://t.co/Gds5S41eL9

— Jamie Perez (@JamiePerezTV) February 18, 2019

If you see a snow pile that’s causing visibility issues for drivers, you can report it here.

For residential streets, individual homeowners can shovel the snow into the middle of their yards to prevent street view visibility from getting worse.

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