Where are the cookies? Girl Scouts talk supply chain, plans to avoid delays

The 2022 selling season starts March 5 in the Madison area

MADISON, Wis.– Late winter storms can not only cause traffic, but shipping delays — something the Badgerland Girl Scouts hoped to avoid by moving their cookie season from February to March.

So far, they’ve been successful. But you might want to place your order early just in case.

“We’re planning for the best,” Badgerland CEO Marci Henderson told News 3 Now. “Although we do have some backup plans should they be necessary.”

Girl Scout councils get their cookies from one of two companies: ABC or Little Brownie Bakers. Badgerland uses ABC, which right now, is not experiencing delays.

“But, if anything, we’ve learned in the last couple of years to be flexible, right?” Henderson quipped.

With shipments still coming in and sales starting March 5, Henderson is teaching her 5,000 Badgerland scouts the importance of having a backup plan.

“We’ve acknowledged there are different ways of selling depending on the family’s comfort level. You can have no contact, minimal contact, or you can sell the most traditional way, whether it’s a booth or door-to-door,” she said.

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Henderson also encourages all of us to order sooner rather than later.

“I’d say, buy as many of your favorite cookie, right? You never know what the future holds,” she joked — but only partially. Every few years, the Girl Scouts retire certain cookies and introduce new ones. This year’s new flavor is Adventurefuls, a brownie-inspired cookie with caramel crème.

Thin Mints fans: don’t worry. The most popular cookie in Badgerland is here to stay. In our region, Caramel deLites and Peanut Butter Patties come in as the second and third most popular flavors.

Cookie season starts March 5th. Click here to find the nearest booth near you!

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Badgerland Scouts brush up on their cookie-selling skills at Cookie Palooza, February 19th