When should teens start studying for ACT?

When should teens start studying for ACT?
U.S. News & World Report evaluated more than 21,000 public high schools in 49 states and the District of Columbia to compile its annual list of the best U.S. high schools. Awards were based on state proficiency standards and how well the schools prepare students for college. Here are the Top 15:

The ACT is an important college entrance exam some students choose to take. Most colleges require scores from either the ACT or the SAT.

Students should study and prepare for the ACT, but when should they start?

It is recommended that students start studying for the ACT the summer before 11 th grade. Students will be able to focus on the ACT studying during the summer months without the distraction of school work, classes and extracurricular activities.

The latest a student should start studying is the summer before 12 th grade. Most college applications are due in the fall, leaving students with only a couple of chances to take the test if they put off preparing until before their senior year.

The test is offered several times throughout the school year. Students can take retake the exam if they choose, and they can also pick when in the school year they want to take it. For example, students who play fall sports might want to wait to take the exam until it is offered in the winter or spring when they have less distractions.