What’s That Wednesday: Breaking Down a Happy Hour Classic

What’s That Wednesday: Breaking Down a Happy Hour Classic
The Old Fashioned restaurant is throwing its annual customer appreciation celebration with $1 Old Fashioned cocktails Sept. 19

Brandy Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned
23 N. Pinckney St.
310-4545, theoldfashioned.com


-Muddled together: sugar cube, bitters, orange slice, cherry and a splash of Sprite
-Korbel Brandy
-Sprite. Makes the drink an Old Fashioned Sweet. Squirt or 50/50 makes it a Sour. An Old Fashioned Soda is made with seltzer and an Old Fashioned Press is half Sprite, half soda water—really, this is where you can get creative! Some people even ask for coke or orange juice.
-Orange and cherry garnish

Wisconsinites do this classic cocktail a bit differently than others, opting for brandy instead of whiskey. And where better to taste this smooth, sweet pick-me-up than the Old Fashioned itself? Stop in Thursday, September 19, from 4-6 p.m. for $1 Old Fashioneds as part of the annual customer appreciation celebration. Grab an appetizer and try an Old Fashioned Sweet, Sour, Press … you get the idea.

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Corinne Burgermeister is an editorial web intern for Madison Magazine.