What’s That Wednesday: Aloo Gobi from Minerva Indian Cuisine

What’s That Wednesday: Aloo Gobi from Minerva Indian Cuisine
The aloo gobi dish consists of cooked cauliflower and potato with a fresh cilantro garnish

Aloo Gobi

515 Junction Rd. 203-9671, minervaindiancuisine.com

$9.50 as an entrée, or $8.95 as part of the AYCE lunch buffet

-Cauliflower -Potato -Onion -Tomato -Ginger -Garlic -Fresh cilantro

Whether you enjoy it as a hearty vegetarian entrée or as one of many treats from the lunch buffet, the aloo gobi should be high on your list of dishes to try at this new Indian restaurant. Warm and tender, the cauliflower and potatoes that make up the bulk of the dish take on the spices of tomato, onion, ginger and garlic. It’s flavorful but simple, how comfort food should be.

Many dishes at Minevra, which opened last fall on Madison’s far-west side, are delicious, representing some of the best Indian food in town. The extensive menu lists almost two hundred different orderable items, with whole categories dedicated to lamb curries, tandoor specials, biriyani, dosas and South Indian cuisine, among others. The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is a steal at $8.95 and contains all the Indian foods you come to expect—and then some. Our advice? Go hungry, and whatever you do, don’t skip the mango ice cream.

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