What you need to know: Friday

What you need to know: Friday
Ricardo Holloway

It’s Friday, June 5 and here is your day ahead:

In local news…

WEATHER: Today will start with mostly cloudy skies and areas of fog. Skies will turn partly sunny late today, but it will be breezy, cooler, and less humid with high temperatures in the middle 70s. Full forecast 


Armed and dangerous: Beloit police are searching for a man who is considered armed and dangerous. Ricardo Holloway, 20, is wanted for allegedly shooting a young man at the Citgo gas station on Shopiere Road last night. The victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Police say they are familiar with Holloway. Police are still working on a motive and speaking to other witnesses. More on this story


Funeral services: The funeral for a little girl who drowned in the Wisconsin River will be held tomorrow. Five-year-old Angela Girton went missing two months ago after falling into the the river near her Gotham home. Last week Thursday searchers found her body by Port Andrew. Services will be held Saturday morning at the Richardson-Stafford funeral home in Spring Green. Visitation is tonight at that same funeral home.


Taxpayer cost: The state of Wisconsin will put no more than $80 million toward a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. The deal calls for taxpayers to front $250 million borrowed through the Wisconsin Center District in Milwaukee, which is funded by hotel, rental car, food and beverage taxes in Milwaukee. Gov. Scott Walker claims not providing money for a new arena would result in the loss of $419 million, because the NBA has required a new arena be constructed by 2017 for the team to stay in the city. More on this story


Stun gun not an option: Madison police officer Matthew Kenny could not have used a stun gun when he shot and killed 19-year-old Tony Robinson in March. MPD policy states officers who enter premises alone cannot use a stun gun. The policy requires an officer use a pistol to clear the scene when they don’t have back up. Kenny was exonerated by the Dane County DA and the MPD Internal Affairs Department for using deadly force in the shooting of Robinson, who was unarmed. More on this story


Regents meeting: The UW Board of Regents continue to meet in Milwaukee today. Yesterday, the board voted to not fight changes to faculty tenure proposed by Republican lawmakers. Faculty members say other universities that offer tenure are starting to recruit Wisconsin’s best professors. Their concern is that the policy change will impact future research grants and worsen the economic challenges the university faces. More on this story

In national news…


Biggest breach ever: If you’re a federal employee, listen up. Four million of you — both current and former staff — were hacked, presumably by the Chinese government, and had your personal information stolen. Nearly every federal agency was hit. So these hackers just want your information to run up your credit card bill, right? If only that were all. Seems like the Chinese military is compiling a massive database of Americans, for purposes unknown. Makes you just want to get off the grid. More on this story


Reaching ‘friends’: ISIS is a master of social media, and that has U.S. counterterrorism officials worried. By using social media and encrypted online communications beyond the reach of law enforcement, the terrorist group has little trouble reaching sympathizers and potential recruits in this country. Usaamah Rahim, killed by police in Boston this week, was thought to have been radicalized this way by ISIS. Just one more thing to keep you up at night. More on this story


Closer to approval: Women who need help getting in the mood are a step closer to their own “little blue pill.” An FDA advisory panel yesterday OK’d flibanserin — the so-called female Viagra. The FDA will now mull final approval for the drug. Flibanserin is often compared to Viagra, but that’s not a great comparison, since Viagra works on the physcial — erectile dysfunction — while flibanserin is more of an antidepressant and works on the central nervous system. More on this story


Another day, another scandal: Ireland’s soccer association chief says FIFA paid $5 million in 2009 to keep the Irish from suing over a bad non-call in a World Cup playoff. FIFA admits paying the money but says it was a loan for a new Irish stadium. Ireland was miffed when it lost a place in the 2010 World Cup to France after a referee missed a French player illegally handling the ball seconds before France scored the winning goal. Irish soccer officials insist the money was given specifically to quell the drama ensuing from the non-call. More on this story


Big fare deal extended: If you were hoping to take advantage of Southwest Airlines fare sale you now have more time. Southwest has extended its fare sale through the end of today, but the website is still running slow. High traffic crashed the site earlier this week, leaving many customers unable to book flights during a big fare sale. The airline extend the deal until midnight tonight, to give frustrated customers more time to buy tickets.