What is a Flex Lane and how do I use it? WisDOT has answers

MADISON, Wis. — A new era is right around the corner for drivers on the Beltline.

The new Flex Lanes, which have been in the works since March of last year, are set to open soon. The project is intended to decrease traffic congestion by opening up the left-hand shoulder to drivers during rush hour. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation shared some guidelines on how to use the lanes.

Signs along the road will help indicate when the Flex Lane is open by showing a green arrow. A red ‘X’ will appear when it is closed. The lane is separated from the main road by a yellow line, which can be crossed at any time when the lane is open, provided you can do so safely.

The new lanes are off-limits to vehicles pulling trailers and trucks that are heavier than five tons.

The Flex Lane will still close in the event of an obstruction, such as a disabled vehicle or a crash. When this happens, a yellow ‘X’ will be displayed on signs near the incident indicating that drivers need to merge right. After the incident is cleared, the lane may reopen.

You can learn more about the Flex Lanes by watching the video from the WisDOT below.