What I learned from getting my tires slashed in Madison

Moving is hard. This is one of the best cities I’ve lived in, but this has also been one of the most challenging transitions I’ve lived through. Greatness often comes from chaos, so I’m expecting great things in Madison. Today, I’m going to teach you the things I learned after getting two of my tires slashed (er, uh, cut.)

1. Know the non-emergency dispatch number. In Madison, that’s 608-266-4948.

2. Pay for roadside assistance or a tire warranty. I bought mine at Sam’s. So, my tires are covered.

3. Talk to your neighbors. Within minutes, the HOA folks were at my door and also told me two teens were caught vandalizing stuff a block or two away. I’m not saying the teens were the culprits, but it’s good to know just in case.