We’re troubled by the failure of the Madison College Board to approve campus proposals

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   We’re troubled by the failure of the Madison Area Technical College Board to approve President Jack Daniels’ proposals to sell the College’s Downtown campus and create a larger presence on Madison’s Southside.

   While we find Dr. Daniel’s argument for selling the old Madison Central High School Building downtown fiscally responsible we can understand some disappointment at losing a presence in the central city. But what we cannot understand is the apparent disagreement over the compelling rational for locating a Madison College facility on the Southside where the need for community college courses will only continue to grow.

   The desire to keep the status quo, regardless of cost, seems pretty parochial to us. We’re not sure Board members opposing the plan have the long-term best interests of the entire community in mind. We hope they will reconsider. Madison is growing and changing in so many positive ways. Madison College must grow and change with it.