‘We’re ready to move on’: State Treasurer on the election’s effects on Wisconsin government

Sarah Godlewski
Sarah Godlewski

MADISON, Wis. — After days of awaiting final election results, Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski said on Saturday that the state can finally move on and focus on other important issues affecting Wisconsinites.

“Wisconsinites submitted their ten electoral votes for Joe Biden and now the rest of the country has spoken,” Godlewski said. “We’re ready to move on and put Joe and Kamala in the White House.”

Godlewski described the hectic several days following Tuesday’s election as Wisconsin worked to finish counting all ballots: “The past couple days have been making sure that everyone Wisconsin vote is counted and is heard; this election commission did an excellent job.”

Now that election results have been announced, and Joe Biden has been named President-elect, Wisconsin will soon feel the effects. The biggest impacts on Wisconsin’s government, according to Godlewski, will be on the economy and the state’s employment levels.

She also said that Wisconsin has been looking for leadership out of the White House on handling coronavirus, and the election will effect how the state responds to the pandemic going forward.

“I think the biggest impact within everyone locally is we can finally stop focusing on politics and now role up our sleeves and start actually working for Wisconsinites,” Godlewski said.

After working to secure election results since Tuesday, Godlewski said she feels relieved that Wisconsin can begin to focus on other issues.

“Once an election is over, were ready to come together because we know that were not gonna be able to address these issues unless we work hand in hand,” she said.