Wendy Williams files for divorce from Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams is getting divorced.

Williams filed the a petition to divorce her husband of more than 20 years, Kevin Hunter, in New Jersey on Thursday morning, according to a friend of the talk show host.

A representative for Williams declined to comment.

“Wendy and her family have been a part of Debmar-Mercury for over 10 years,” a spokesperson from “The Wendy Williams Show” said to CNN in a statement. “We respect their privacy regarding personal matters. As always, we remain committed to bringing an entertaining and topical show to our viewers.”

Williams and Hunter married in 1997 and together they have a 19-year-old son. Hunter serves as Williams’ manager and is also a producer on her show.

The news comes after she announced on her show last month that she was living in a sober house.

“I have been living in a sober house,” she said through tears. “You know, I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in the past. I never went to a place to get treatment. There are people in your family; it might be you. I want you to know more of the story.”

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Viewers became concerned in November 2017 after Williams fainted on air. She appeared to be battling health problems again the following year when she her speech was slurred during an interview on her show.

Following a two-month break to focus on her health, Williams returned to her show on March 4. She addressed speculation that her marriage was in trouble at the time by telling viewers, “I’m still very much in love with my husband and anyone who’s been married. Marriages have ebbs and flows, marriage isn’t easy. And don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone. And it ain’t going anywhere, not in this lifetime.”