Water Wagon to bring free water to Rhythm and Booms

Attendees not allowed to bring in own beverages
Water Wagon to bring free water to Rhythm and Booms

The Madison Water Utility is bringing its Water Wagon to Rhythm and Booms on Saturday after plans were announced to not allow people to bring water to the event.

The Water Wagon will allow people to refill their reusable water bottles during the event. There will also be cups on hand for those without bottles.

“We weren’t initially planning to be there, but Ryan Richards from Madison Festivals, Inc., when he found out this actually exists — not everyone knows about it — reached out in hopes of partnering with us,” Madison Water Utility Public Information Officer Amy Barrilleaux said.

The wagon has six bottle refilling stations plus drinking fountains. Utility officials are working to determine the best location for the wagon, which will be central to prime viewing area for the fireworks.

“Access to free water is not only a health concern but one of equity,” said Mayor Paul Soglin. “This additional resource will contribute to Rhythm and Booms being a fun and safe event for everyone.”

Event organizers said people coming to Rhythm and Booms should either bring empty water bottles to fill on site or sealed water bottles.

According to a list on the event’s website, beverages other than baby formula are prohibited in the closed-down area on John Nolen Drive.

According to the Rhythm and Booms website, these items are prohibited from the gated area on John Nolen Drive:

• Coolers
• Grills
• Food items
• Beverages (except baby formula)
• Plastic, metal or glass water bottles
• Tents, canopies or structures of any kind
• Grills
• Glass containers
• Alcohol
• Thermoses
• Sparklers or fireworks
• Briefcases, backpacks, luggage pieces, or duffel bags
• Wagons
• Animals, reptiles or any type of pet
• Umbrellas
• Weapons (including knives)
• No taping or roping off of large areas
• No overnight camping. Event grounds officially close at 11 p.m. Saturday.
• Bikes, skateboards or skates – you must walk them in for pedestrian safety. If you ride your bike to Rhythm & Booms, valet parking is available on the west end of Monona Terrace.

The following items are allowed on event grounds:
• Chairs
• Seat cushions
• Blankets/Tarps (10 x 10 maximum), towels, sleeping bags & pads
• Cellular phones
• Sunscreen
• Small personal music systems, radios and televisions
• Binoculars, cameras and camcorders
• Purses
• Baby bags
• Strollers (only if carrying a child)
• Rain gear (jackets/ponchos)