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Robb A. Warren, D.D.S.

Warren Family Dental has established a longstanding tradition of dental excellence by doing what matters most: taking care of patients like no one else. Since 2001, as team dentist for University of Wisconsin athletes, Dr. Robb Warren, along with his colleagues, has built a foundation of trust with his patients.

The team at Warren Family Dental specializes in family care with a focus on sports, trauma and TMJ pain. “We feel blessed to be able to help patients with life-changing dentistry,” says Dr. Warren. “So many patients needlessly put up with years of dealing with head, neck and jaw pain that had stopped them from living their best lives.”

Warren Family Dentistry can see you at one office for all your care, which may include Invisalign, implant placement or implant-supported dentures. “We love meeting new patients and seeing how we can help them. If you are not sure what is going on or what you need, give us a call and set up a no-charge second opinion consultation. We would love to help.”

At a Glance:
Years in practice: 21

Location: 4226 Milwaukee St., 608-241-7999, warrenfamilydental.com

What our patients say: “Customer service is the best. Welcoming staff who are knowledgeable and down to earth. They educate you and provide you with techniques that will improve your smile.”

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