Warrant: Las Vegas shooter’s house had empty closets, no bed frames

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was known as a high roller at the city’s casinos, but the inside of his residence was sparse and unflashy, according to a search warrant obtained by police.

“The house contained minimal furniture and possessions,” states the search warrant, one of about 2,000 pages of documents released Wednesday by police. “The closets were empty. The beds consisted of box-springs and mattresses, but no bed frame.”

The garage was described as “empty and clean” and full of ammunition.

“The … corner of the garage contained shelving units with neatly stacked and aligned ammunition and clips of various caliber. A gun safe was opposite of the shelf,” the search warrant states.

Paddock paid $369,022 for the 3,000-square-foot, two-bedroom stucco house on a cul-de-sac in Mesquite, Nevada, a town about 82 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Because police didn’t know what was inside when they conducted the search, officers used a robot to enter the garage. Police said there were humidifiers in every room, the search warrant states.

Most of the newly released documents are statements by victims describing the chaos of the October 1, 2017, attack — the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Paddock opened fire from his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandaly Bay Hotel onto a crowd attending a country music festival on the Las Vegas strip, killing 58 people.

Police say Paddock, 64, acted alone, but the documents still don’t answer the central question: Why did he do it?

Other highlights from the documents:

Hairdresser recounts conversation

A hairdresser told the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that Paddock talked about the country music festival when she cut his hair in late June or early July, one of the released documents says.

“He said that it was an outdoor arena and that he couldn’t believe that they made it an outdoor arena because anybody could shoot into the crowd from the casino across the way,” the officer’s report quoted her as saying.

She said Paddock was “rambling about just weird stuff. I felt very, very uneasy,” the report says.

The hairdresser said the conversation made her so nervous that she called “Metro” (the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department), but cannot remember the number she called or who she talked to and is unsure what number she called from, the report said.

The hairdresser said the FBI later told her that police said they had no record of receiving such a phone call, the report says.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has declined to discuss the documents released.

Hotel room full of guns

An officer with the SWAT team of Las Vegas police described what was found in Paddock’s hotel room.

“The suspect had apparently shot himself in the head with a silver revolver,” the document says. “Inside of the room, we observed at least 18 AR style rifles, with various type of accessories on them, hundreds of loaded rifle magazines, cameras attached to the backs of the doors, looking through the peep holes, a tube run from the bedroom of the suite into the suite.

“Monitors and various other items. There were hundreds of spent shell casings on the floor, a sledge hammer and two broken out windows The suspect had run 2 cameras to a room service cart that was still in the hallway.”

They found a baby

As police officers searched rooms on the 32nd floor, they found a baby alone in one of the rooms, the documents say.

“The people in (the) room across the hallway stated that they needed to get the baby that was in that room,” the document states.

“SWAT officer grabbed baby and the people from across the hall and sent them up the hallway to get out.”

The after effects

A cleaning services worker said the shooting has been bad for her health.

“Since that day my chest hurts and I can’t feel my left arm,” the worker said. “It feels numb. It also wakes me up in the middle of the night with pain. I can’t handle noise. I get startled with any little sound. The restrooms flushing scare me. I don’t want my kids to see me like this.”