Walker meeting with Sheldon Adelson in Vegas

Governor meets with billionaire
Walker meeting with Sheldon Adelson in Vegas

Gov. Scott Walker is in Las Vegas to meet with billionaire casino mogul and Republican super donor Sheldon Adelson, as Walker continues to consider running for president in 2016.

Walker’s campaign spokeswoman Alleigh Marre said Tuesday that Walker was in Las Vegas for “public and private events.”

Adelson’s top political adviser Andy Abboud confirms that Walker is meeting with Adelson. Abboud says, “About every elected official comes by to say hello.”

Adelson gave the Wisconsin Republican Party $650,000 in late October and he previously gave Walker $250,000 during the 2012 recall.

Walker was among a host of Republican White House hopefuls who traveled to Las Vegas in March to attend a meeting organized by Adelson. He has also been meeting with possible GOP presidential candidates privately in recent weeks.