Vos sees no problem recognizing Bible week

Vos sees no problem recognizing Bible week
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The state Assembly’s top Republican says he doesn’t see any problem with a resolution that recognizes Thanksgiving week as National Bible Week.

The Assembly is set to vote Tuesday on a resolution that recognizes the week and declares that the reading the Bible has contributed to the moral fiber of society.

Democratic Minority Leader Gordon Hintz told reporters it seems like GOP lawmakers are starting “holy wars” to distract from a lack of a real agenda.

Speaker Robin Vos told reporters the Assembly traditionally recognizes different faiths’ holidays and “many of us are Christians.”

The vote comes days after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers called the evergreen the state Department of Administration places in the state Capitol every December a holiday tree. Evers’ predecessor, Republican Scott Walker, had declared it a Christmas tree.

Vos says it’s clearly a Christmas tree. He says Evers is going through “machinations” to please a tiny group of easily offended people.

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