Volunteer tutors needed for Schools of Hope

Volunteer tutors needed for Schools of Hope

We will stop asking for volunteers to work with elementary, middle and high school students through the United Way of Dane County-led Schools of Hope and Achievements Connections programs the minute they’re no longer need.

Until then we gladly join in asking for your help in helping our kids achieve the two critical milestones of reading to a fourth-grade level by fourth grade and completing algebra. Doing so greatly improves a child’s chance at academic success.

I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of volunteers have stepped up over the last 20 years to help kids with reading and math. But more are needed.

What we do know is that tutoring works, the schools welcome the help, training is provided, the commitment is manageable and that we have to keep at it. There are lots of reasons for optimism in our schools right now, but not one suggests we give up our commitment to close the achievement gap for good.

Schools of Hope and Achievement Connections are part of that commitment and volunteer tutors are needed, welcomed and appreciated.