Viral ad aims to change distracted driving conversation

Viral ad aims to change distracted driving conversation

A viral video is attempting to change the distracted driving conversation.

The AT&T ad, called “Close To Home,” which is part of the “It Can Wait” campaign, uses research to go beyond texting and driving.

The four minute video shows the gut-wrenching consequences of distracted driving as a mother checks a social media post.

“Everyone loves the picture I posted of you,” the mother says to her daughter as she takes her eyes off the road to check a notification on her smartphone.  Seconds later viewers see a simulated head-on car crash.

The “It Can Wait” message is one 4 Lakes driving instructor Bill Gustafson consistently instills in his students.

“There’s no text worth dying for, is what they say. So texting is extremely dangerous,” Gustafson said. “Just as dangerous as drinking and driving.”

“I would never look at it because it’s not really worth it,” 15-year-old student Daine Riggins said.  “My mom always tells me live with the things you can live with the consequence.”

So far, the ad has been viewed about 2.5 million times.