Vintage Wienermobile donated to Wisconsin museum

Vintage Wienermobile donated to Wisconsin museum
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The vintage Weinermobile, made popular by Oscar Mayer in the 1970s and reborn in the bologna-maker’s recent marketing campaigns, has been donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the Madison Oscar Mayer factory is scheduled to close this summer and many items have been donated to the historical society.

The iconic Weinermobile was made in Madison in 1969. The vehicle has not been in use since 1987 and will be restored before moving to the new state archive preservation facility later this year.

There are 13 different Weinermobile models. The 1969 Wienermobile will become just the second to be displayed at a museum. A 1952 model can be seen at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.