Video shows man in police hunt mailing president letter, saying ‘game time’

Video of a Janesville man who’s the focus of a multiagency manhunt shows him as he mails what appears to be a package of papers to President Donald Trump.

Law enforcement officials said Friday morning during a news conference that 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski is considered armed and dangerous, and citizens should not approach him but call 911 if he’s spotted. Jakubowski is accused of stealing at least 16 high-end firearms from a Janesville gun and ammo shop Tuesday night. A car registered to Jakubowski was found on fire not far from the burglarized gun shop, officials said.

Video shows man in police hunt mailing president letter, saying ‘game time’

A video obtained by News 3 shows Jakubowski as he puts postage on what appears to be a standard-paper-sized white envelope addressed to Donald Trump at the White House with Jakubowski’s name and return address.

On the video, an off-camera voice says, “You will never forget this face, ever.”

In the recording, Jakubowski says it’s the afternoon of April 4, 2017. Before he puts the letter in a mailbox, he says to the camera, “All right, to anyone who got this letter, you might want to read it. You can see it’s getting shipped. Revolution! It’s time for change.”

The video ends as Jakubowski drops the letter in an oversized blue USPS-marked mailbox, saying, “Game time.”

Police said they haven’t confirmed it’s Jakubowski in the video, but investigators believe it’s him.

The man who says he filmed the video told News 3 Friday that knew Jakubowski was upset with Trump, but didn’t know that the letter was a 161-page manifesto and didn’t know Jakubowski’s plan. He said he thinks his friend, who he described as soft-spoken, should turn himself in.

The man, who News 3 is not identifying, said he regrets filming Jakubowski mailing the envelope. He said he was shocked to hear about the gun shop robbery, which took place less than three hours after Jakubowski dropped the envelope in the mailbox. The vehicle fire was reported 27 minutes after the guns were stolen.

Video shows man in police hunt mailing president letter, saying ‘game time’

Authorities said they learned on Thursday morning that Jakubowski had made threats to steal weapons and to use them against public officials or at an unspecified school. Several schools in Rock County and neighboring jurisdictions locked down Thursday as police searched for Jakubowski, and Janesville, Milton and Parkview School District schools closed Friday, as Jakubowski is still at large. Numerous other school districts are taking extra security measures.

Video shows man in police hunt mailing president letter, saying ‘game time’

Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden said Friday at a news conference that more than 150 officers are involved in looking for Jakubowski. Officials said investigators have followed up on 65 leads and searched 12 locations.

Spoden said that in addition to the handguns and rifles that were stolen earlier this week, authorities believe Jakubowski has acquired a bulletproof vest and helmet. He said the multiagency law enforcement response is being coordinated in the interest of capturing Jakubowski and returning public safety to order.

“We are reaching out to the community because we need their help in locating this individual and bringing him into custody,” Spoden said. “Not only for the safety of the children, but the safety of our community as a whole.”

Janesville Police Chief David Moore said Jakubowski could be around Janesville, elsewhere in Wisconsin or he could be out of state. He said Jakubowski is known to the Janesville officers, but most of his interactions have been anger-driven in the past.

“What we have not seen in the past is his anti-government or terrorist type of … rhetoric,” Moore said.
The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Jakubowski’s arrest.

Special Agent in Charge Justin Tolomeo Friday morning didn’t confirm authorities are considering Jakubowski a terrorist.

“As of now, we have an interest in him with regard to his ideology,” Tolomeo said. “But we’re mainly concerned with finding and apprehending him, and then learning his motives specifically.”

Law enforcement released the full video Friday evening. It can be viewed in full below.

Video shows man in police hunt mailing president letter, saying ‘game time’