Veteran television newsman Sander Vanocer dies at 91

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Sept. 17: Longtime NBC and ABC news correspondent Sander Vanocur dies at 91 on September 17, 2019. He was on the panel for the Kennedy-Nixon debate and moderated the 1984 vice presidential debate.

Longtime NBC and ABC television news correspondent Sander Vanocur has died at the age of 91, the Associated Press reports.

Vanocur was on the panel at the first presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960, and went on to cover the Kennedy administration as a White House correspondent for NBC News.

He was one of the last people to interview Robert F. Kennedy before the presidential candidate was assassinated in 1968, and reported from the floor of the raucous Democratic convention in Chicago that year, with his colleagues John Chancellor, Edwin Newman and Frank McGee. The group were called the “four horsemen.”

Vanocur left NBC in 1971 and worked for PBS and the Washington Post. He was a correspondent for ABC News from 1977 to 1991, where he moderated the 1984 vice presidential debate between George H.W. Bush and Geraldine Ferraro.